Budget Moleskine Portfolio

Part of the reason why I have lost touch with my art over the last ten years has been because I stopped carrying a notebook. I always used to have a dog-eared notebook stuffed in my pocket or bag which was covered with notes, sketches, maps, essays, ideas, plans, book references... now-a-days most of this is carried in my phone, Mini Me (my eeePC notebook PC) and the portable hard drive I carry with me. However they are not good at catching a quick sketch or visualising a design

Early this year I got a couple of packs of Moleskine Cahiers, one blank, the other a square grid, which are by far the toughest notebooks I've ever come across with saddle stitching, heavy card covers and even a handy pocket in the back! I carry two notebooks, one squared and the other a grid, back-to-back, held together with two elastic bands.

Add a 15cm (6") steel rule tucked into one of the back pockets, a fine point black and a pencil and I'm ready to carpe whatever the diem throws at me!

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