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Spelling it out

My idea at the start of my course of treatment was that I would use this blog to record my trials and tribulations and use them as springboard to deep and meaningful thoughts. The reality is that, whilst adversity has given me many new and unwanted insights into the world and my place in it, the trials and tribulations have more usually beaten me into a relatively zombie-like numbness!

If you are going through the treatment right now or are thinking of doing it, this is not the post you should be reading! My advice to everyone is to do it if you possibly can. It will be one of the most challenging things you've ever done, but when you complete it you will have not only rid your body of a long-term, degenerative disease, you will have accomplished something that you can be immensely proud of.

If you are likely to start the course any time in the near future though, avoid reading to much about the side-effects and possible complications, it will set your expectations (there's a…


The good news is that, for the second time in 25 years my body is now free of Hepatitus C - my last blood test showed a zero viral load! The fact that it only took 12 weeks with this course of treatment rather than 6 months in 2008 is a testament to the the new drug, Boceprevir. The bad news is that I now have 36 weeks to finish the course to make sure I don't relapse again!.

The side effects are getting more pronounced. My lack of appetite and the vile taste I have all day, conspire with the sponge-like taste and texture of most food to reduce my kilojoule intake so that my body is burning my remaining muscle bulk. This in turn is making me more feeble and less able to turn my food into muscle rather than fat - a viscous circle!

I was determined at the start of this course that I would not give up on my gym classes as early as I did in 2008 - I caved in to pressure from the clinic nurse at the time who convinced me I had an unrealistic expectation of myself by continuing…

Vulcan Thought for the day

OK, so I'm a Trekkie, so sue me! I love the iconic extremes that Trek has given us with the Vulcan and Klingon stereotypes to mention only two

Vulcan's are not unaware of the disdain with which most species look upon our desire to master our emotions but to us it is simple: to master the mind is to master reality.

You who are reading these words right now, how do you experience reality? Through your senses, of course. Some species have more highly attuned senses than others, for example a wolf has an acute sense of smell and a dolphin can hear sounds in different frequencies just as some animals can see into the infrared or ultraviolet. However all of these senses render your reality and its amazing array of colours, scents and harmonies, that can range from the repulsive to the sublime, into simple binary code signals flashed along nerves to the physical brain that sits, in all humanoid species, atop your spinal column.

What is the objective difference between the nerve i…

A Ton of Bricks

Week four and, "This is where the story really starts!" The Interferon / Ribararin has hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks!

Sleep is an adventure - I never know what I'm going to get! I've been getting to bed earlier, but I still have to get up at 03:15 so the best I've had in one session has been six and a half hours last night when I went to bed at 20:30. And what a sleep I have! Sometimes I'm out cold from hitting the sheets to the alarm going off and other nights I can be working all night in technicolor dreams! Trekking through green jungle headlands swept by tidal waves, labouring on the tracks - one night I seemed to spend all night trying to email my dreams to myself to so that I could file them like mp4 videos! Another morning I woke up after missing the train because I had to help my wife to bring the washing in... and I mean we got off the train to bring the washing in the off clothesline (which was right next to the station) and we were stra…

On The Road of Life

Driving up to the mountains on holidays I was on the freeway and I got cut off by a driver who was speeding in the right hand lane. Contrary to expectation, when he glided past, I could see that he was a well-dressed man in his fifties with a neatly clipped grey beard and office shirt and tie on.  So much for the stereotype of bad drivers being young, lower class and female.

It made me think of driving as a metaphor for life, There are those of us who follow the rules, give way, smile and wave as we cruise though life and then there are... the vexations to the spirit. I could describe them in more colourful terms but out of respect for the more sensative amongst you, I'll keep this blog PGR.

Nobody is perfect, least of all me, but when I break a road rule, it is more likely to be through inattention or by mistake than on purpose. Why? Rules are the agreement we make with society that makes it possible for us all to compete on a level playing field. It makes it possible for the mee…

The Year of Hell; Week 0; Day 0

The good news this week is that the rumours of my heart attack were grossly overestimated!

I went for a CT scan and heart stress test on Tuesday and on Friday morning was told that the report said that there was no sign of any previous myocardial infarctions!

The bad news, which is really good news in disguise, is that this means that I can take the Boceprevir which bumps my chances of successfully beating the Hep C virus from 55% to 75% - I can go with that!

This meant that I picked up my meds and had my first injection of Interferon Today, Friday.
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There's good news and... not so good news.

Just when you thought things were shaping up to be pretty bad, they might have got even worse.

My big news for today was going to be that I was starting a year-long treatment for my Hepatitus C but when I got to the hospital it turns out that the ECG that I had on Wednesday shows that at some time in the past I've had a "silent heart attack" and since one of the side effect of the new drug I'm supposed to be having on top of the normal Interferon / Ribavarin is that it can give you arythmia, it means that, if confirmed, I can't go on it.

Dammit!!! I was all ready to start today! I was all psyched up for the next year of Hell and here I get this! I'm booked in for another heart exam next Tuesday where they'll assess the extent of the damage to my heart, evidently if it is just a small section of one of the chambers then they'll let me start. If not they'll let me start the standard Interferon / Ribavarin treatment... but I'd have to be on it …

Another year older...

Last week was my birthday.

Hmmm? Old enough to know better but young enough not to give a damn!

This coming year is going to be a tough one and there a lot of life lessons I want get straight in my own head. Things that I think are significant enough to want to preserve them on the interwebs for posterity. Comments on society that I feel need to be made.

Who am I? I write elsewhere on the internet under another nom de plume, others have been kind enough to pay attention to what I say and I like to think I have contributed significantly to amateur creative production on the web. No, I'm not a professional although, to quote the meme, "I'm not cheap... but I can be had!"

I've been happily married for many years, I have grown children. I'm a child of my generation, a product of the working class who has embraced the cultural and technnological revolution of the 21st century.

I have Hepatitis C and for the second time I am starting a twelve month course of inva…