On The Road of Life

Driving up to the mountains on holidays I was on the freeway and I got cut off by a driver who was speeding in the right hand lane. Contrary to expectation, when he glided past, I could see that he was a well-dressed man in his fifties with a neatly clipped grey beard and office shirt and tie on.  So much for the stereotype of bad drivers being young, lower class and female.

It made me think of driving as a metaphor for life, There are those of us who follow the rules, give way, smile and wave as we cruise though life and then there are... the vexations to the spirit. I could describe them in more colourful terms but out of respect for the more sensative amongst you, I'll keep this blog PGR.

Nobody is perfect, least of all me, but when I break a road rule, it is more likely to be through inattention or by mistake than on purpose. Why? Rules are the agreement we make with society that makes it possible for us all to compete on a level playing field. It makes it possible for the meek and the mad to share the road (or their local community) without fear for their lives or their self-esteem.

I say self-esteem because you have to respect your fellow road users. It's not a competition. I passed the vexation about fifteen minutes later because he was caught in a left hand lane which was going slower. It didn't make me feel any superior to him, although it did reinforce my belief that speeding had very little effect on overall time saved in a journey.

Yet I can imagine his grinding teeth at being 'boxed-in'. His journey was of much more importance than mine and for him to be inconvenienced in such a way... Well, maybe I'm projecting a little here but you can see my point.

You can be a member of society and accomplish your goals without treading on others. We are not a wolf pack where the alpha male is the strongest and fiercest and makes his way to the head of the pack over the bodies of his enemies. The best CEO's are those who can lead their manpower resources with respect and efficiency.

You can get further, faster by making the right decisions than by recklessly "putting your foot down".


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