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The good news is that, for the second time in 25 years my body is now free of Hepatitus C - my last blood test showed a zero viral load! The fact that it only took 12 weeks with this course of treatment rather than 6 months in 2008 is a testament to the the new drug, Boceprevir. The bad news is that I now have 36 weeks to finish the course to make sure I don't relapse again!.

The side effects are getting more pronounced. My lack of appetite and the vile taste I have all day, conspire with the sponge-like taste and texture of most food to reduce my kilojoule intake so that my body is burning my remaining muscle bulk. This in turn is making me more feeble and less able to turn my food into muscle rather than fat - a viscous circle!

I was determined at the start of this course that I would not give up on my gym classes as early as I did in 2008 - I caved in to pressure from the clinic nurse at the time who convinced me I had an unrealistic expectation of myself by continuing…