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This is your child

See this? This is your child.

You have this wonderful person, this piece of you,  for eighteen years. During that time you cherish it, protect it, build all sorts of fun and loving memories with it. You don't want to let it go but that's it's nature...

You wind it up, point it in the right direction and then let it go, watching them as they race across the horizon.

For eighteen years you have your most cherished possession. You take pride in teaching them all that you believe is good and right in the world but you know that you won't be there to guide and protect them all their lives so you encourage them to become independant and make their own decisions. As a teenager you have the right and responsibity to correct them if you think they are going wrong but once they reach adulthood you have to let them go. In modern society we say that eighteen is the cut off point although some mature earlier and sadly some never reach maturity at all.

When that time comes, you have…

Horses for courses

If you are the type who flicks through previous posts you'll see that I haven't used this blog for years. Like most I have various blogs littered about the interwebs like tombstones to my id but in the truse spirit of environmentalism I am going to reuse this one rather than create another monument to my ego. For the last year or so I have been using Facebook for my commentary but I find that it is clumsy and wand to put some of my ideas into a more literary context.

Ergo Blogger. Horses for courses.

Like a diary you've never read for years it is hard to reconcile what I wrote against who I am today, but I cannot deny it as my thoughts of the day and the pressures I was under at the time. What matters more is today and what I want to say now, in five years time will I again cringe at my raw emotions?

Who knows? Is it a reason for not speaking out?