Horses for courses

If you are the type who flicks through previous posts you'll see that I haven't used this blog for years. Like most I have various blogs littered about the interwebs like tombstones to my id but in the truse spirit of environmentalism I am going to reuse this one rather than create another monument to my ego. For the last year or so I have been using Facebook for my commentary but I find that it is clumsy and wand to put some of my ideas into a more literary context.

Ergo Blogger. Horses for courses.

Like a diary you've never read for years it is hard to reconcile what I wrote against who I am today, but I cannot deny it as my thoughts of the day and the pressures I was under at the time. What matters more is today and what I want to say now, in five years time will I again cringe at my raw emotions?

Who knows? Is it a reason for not speaking out?



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